Friday, August 14, 2009

Guatemala 1974

We meet for FHE with the senior missionaries and other "older" people who work for the church here. Last Monday, we hosted FHE. I don't remember how we got on the subject--I think our new area authority, Elder Martino, served his mission in Guatemala. Another newcomer, Neil Anderson, who is working with one of the universities here, mentioned that he served here 1975-76 also. Of course, that was the lead-in for asking whether they knew/remembered Dr/Sister Doty. Both did and remembered them well. Brother Anderson then told us that he has vivid memories of the Dotys teaching etiquette classes to the missionaries. In particular, he remembered that the missionaries were taught that they should always slice butter straight across and not at an angle (Sound familiar anyone?). He said that to this day, it bugs him when butter is sliced "incorrectly" (and that his wife if often guilty of so slicing.) He forwarded this picture to me that he remembered seeing on the wall at the area office of mom and dad/gma and gpa/grams and gramps.

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